Atria's Corporate Responsibility Report 2022: Responsibility for food safety intensified the responsibility work also in the exceptional year

7.3.2023 11:30
Atria's Corporate Responsibility Report 2022: Responsibility for food safety intensified the responsibility work also in the exceptional year

Responsibility is an integral part of Atria's strategy, business operations and daily work. We develop our own operations and the entire food chain with respect for the planet, people and product. Atria's corporate responsibility is based on three priorities: Planet, Product and People. Atria promotes sustainability in its own operations and in its value chain at all levels of responsibility. The goal of the Group's sustainability programme is a carbon-neutral food chain by 2035. 

Atria has been facing major and unexpected changes in our operating environment: the Covid19, the climate crisis, biodiversity loss, the war in Ukraine and the energy crisis. Ensuring the food safety supply chain is one of the key development priorities. Atria's security of supply remained good and Atria has been able to respond to changing consumer demand and customer needs. 

– Atria plays an important role in security of supply and food security also on a global scale. This exceptional year has shown us that we need to work towards sustainability at every level of our business, both in the big picture and in our everyday operations, says Merja Leino, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility at Atria Plc.

Atria's Corporate Responsibility Report describes the measures of the company's responsibility programme and how work towards the targets has progressed. The report provides extensive information on the environmental and social responsibility impacts of Atria Group's operations in our chain.

The report can be found on Atria's website

Highlights of Atria's sustainability in 2022 

  • Atria Group's targets were adopted for the Science Based Targets climate initiative. 

  • Atria Group joined the UN Global Compact Corporate Responsibility Initiative. 

  • Atria Finland completed the expansion of a solar power plant: the panel capacity of the existing plant, which was commissioned in 2018, will be almost doubled. 

  • Atria Finland is involved in a 45 MW wind power project, where a wind farm is planned near the Nurmo factory. 

  • Atria is developing energy efficiency at the new poultry factory in Nurmo and the new production plant in Örebro, among others. 

  • Atria Finland is investing in antibiotic-free pork production in addition to poultry. The aim is to have all pig farms involved in antibiotic-free production within 3 years. 

  • Atria Finland participates in the Food Industry Federation's material efficiency commitment. 

  • Atria Estonia reduced the use of plastic in its product packaging. 

  • Atria increases the use of solar energy at its Valga plant in Estonia. 

  • The Atria Group's accident frequency rate has fallen for five years, and there have also been fewer serious accidents. Between 2018 and 2022, the accident rate fell by almost 50%. 

For further information, please contact Merja Leino, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Atria Plc, tel. +358 40 580 1210,