The importance of sustainability is growing - Atria employees work at the core of the right things

28.8.2022 08:00
The importance of sustainability is growing - Atria employees work at the core of the right things

The significance of sustainability as a prerequisite for success in business has grown strongly, especially as a result of the climate crisis. At the same time, the number of mandatory or voluntary regulations, guidelines, commitments and frameworks has increased. Legislation and other regulations play an increasingly strong role in steering companies’ operations and reporting.   Compliance with these is of course very important for the sake of verifiability alone. I’ve often thought that we’d better get involved in all these commitments to retain our credibility. But what’s more important for consumers, customers, our personnel and other stakeholders is that we do the right things to achieve our goals. 

Sustainability has always been a part of Atria’s business. Sustainability is part of everyone’s work, and all jobs at Atria include the possibility to develop responsibility work and participate in it. And that’s what we at Atria are indeed doing – with a genuine drive for it, too. Rather than being a separate, loose aspect of our work, sustainability is part of our everyday choices and activities. Atria employees work at the very core of sustainability issues.

The company drew up its very first sustainability programme some 15 years ago. That, too, was based on action. The current sustainability programme, covering the entire group, is composed of three major themes – the Planet, Product and People – which consist of measured projects and their monitoring. One of our most important goals in terms of the Planet theme is a carbon-neutral Atria. Its achievement requires a lot of work and numerous successful projects in everything from energy efficiency and renewable energy to packaging materials, cultivation techniques and carbon stocks. Food is at the core of Atria’s activities. Through our products, we want to inform consumers of everything we do openly and boldly. This is why our packages provide information on the farm each product can be traced to, its carbon footprint and domestic origin and our climate action.

Sustainability is realised through people’s actions, so let’s do the right things, not the wrong ones! And let’s do them without compromises.