Atria starts exporting chicken to South Korea

21.1.2022 13:09
Atria starts exporting chicken to South Korea

Atria has received a licence to export poultry to South Korea. This concludes the export licence process that started in 2016 and exports will begin in February. Atria will start exporting chicken leg products, which are the most popular items in South Korea. 

"During the export license process, it has become clear that Atria's ability to produce clean and safe food products is particularly valued in South Korea. Consumers value quality, safety, and traceability. The market is very dynamic, and consumption is influenced by new trends and international currents," says Export Director Heikki Tynjälä

South Korea has traditionally had high pork consumption, as pork is an integral part of the local BBQ restaurant culture. Poultry consumption is growing steadily. Consumption is driven by health and trend reasons. Poultry now accounts for around 20 % of the total meat market and 20 % of consumption is imported meat. South Korea has 52 million inhabitants and poultry meat consumption is 16.9 kg per person per year. 

South Korea is one of Atria's longest-standing export destinations, with pork exports since the 1990s. Last year, the country was Atria's second largest export market after China, both in terms of volume and value. 

"One of Atria's strategic objectives is to increase profitable exports, including poultry. We are starting from scratch in South Korea, but our goal is to reach net sales in the millions in the coming years. We have clear targets from the beginning and we will consistently increase our product range and volume," says Matti Perälä, SVP of Atria's poultry business. He also stresses that the new market openings are very important for the new poultry factory in Nurmo, which will be completed in 2024, and for Atria Family Farms. 

"The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Finnish Food Authority and the Embassy of Finland in Korea have played a big role in the export licensing process. A big thank you to all of them for their cooperation," concludes Tynjälä.   

For more information, please contact Matti Perälä, SVP, Poultry Business, Atria Finland Ltd, tel. +358 400 803 445.