World's Best Steak 2021 from the Atria farm in Finland

24.11.2021 17:07
World's Best Steak 2021 from the Atria farm in Finland

Atria's Finnish grass-fed sirloin steak was crowned the best steak in the world at the prestigious World Steak Challenge in Dublin. Atria's Danish partner JN Meat International entered the competition with Finnish beef and won the title of the World's Best Steak for the third time in a row. In all, the winner was chosen from more than 400 different steaks and 23 competing countries.

The world's best steak is a grass-fed Ayrshire beef from the Hautakorpi cattle farm in Karvia, located in Western Finland. –The win was a surprise for me, and as a Finnish farmer we should be proud of this victory. A world championship is always a world championship, comments Esko Hautakorpi, the owner of the farm.

A total of 23 countries took part in the competition. The winner was chosen from a field of over 400 different steaks.

The jury judged the taste of the winning steak to be very tasty and tender. Iannis Grammenos, chairman of the 50-strong jury, praised the Finnish beef sirloin steak as incredibly tender, juicy and tasty. This steak’s delicious and long-lasting taste lingered in the mouth, making you want to eat it more and more. A well-deserved and worthy winner!

We are very happy and proud of this victory. Of course, the best thing about Finnish meat is its purity and safety, but most of all its taste. And it was the taste that clearly distinguished the winner from the other steaks in this competition, says John Sashi-Nielsen, founder and owner of JN Meat International.

This can be considered a historic and unique achievement, as it was the third time in a row! Similarly, the jury's justification for the lingering delicious taste of Finnish steak compared to other steaks was also given to us for the third time, says Markku Hirvijärvi, Director of Meat Business, Atria Finland.

We supply JN Meat International in Denmark with high quality Finnish beef and they chose the best cuts to enter the competition. It is a long-term work from field to table and a smooth cooperation with JN Meat International. The Hautakorpi farm in Karvia deserves special thanks. All Finnish meat producers also deserve a share of this victory, says Hirvijärvi.

For more information, please contact Markku Hirvijärvi, Director of Meat Business, Atria Finland Ltd., tel. +358 40 773 9276.

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