Atria invests in efficiency and growth in Denmark

4.6.2021 09:00
Atria invests in efficiency and growth in Denmark

In 2020, Atria stated conducting investments in its production facilities in Denmark, the aim of which is to secure and streamline daily operations and create new abilities for growth. 

“Most of the investments have focused on renewing, maintaining and streamlining our production, but we have also increased investments in growth”, says Svend Schou Borch, Executive Vice President, Atria Denmark.  

“For example, we have invested in our pepperoni production lines as we see good growth opportunities in both export and the food service segment, especially in the fast-food sector. We have also invested in new packaging for our premium brand, Aalbæk Specialiteter”, continues Borch.  

The total value of investments in 2020 and 2021 is approximately six million euros in total. Atria has significantly increased its investments in Denmark compared to previous years. The investment is based on a thorough needs assessment and a long-term investment masterplan. 

Securing supply and reduction of plastic at the top of the list 

One of the primary reasons behind the investments is to ensure the operations and supply security.  

”In Denmark, retail customer demands have risen in the last 3-4 years. We want to ensure that our operations towards our customers are both smooth and efficient. By upgrading and replacing old machineries, we want to avoid disruptions and delays to our customers. Our clear ambition is to streamline our supply chain and improve the level of our customer service. One concrete goal in this regard is to raise the delivery reliability”. 

Another important issue was the reduction of plastic. 

“Reducing plastic is high on our list. Last year, we launched a new package foil for our strong 3-Stjernet brand (in English 3-Star), which has reduced the amount of plastic used by 25%. While sustainability issues have not been the main priority in our investments, new machinery and factory upgrades will naturally also improve the energy consumption of our operations”, says Borch. 

Atria in Denmark 

Atria Denmark is part of Atria Denmark & ‚Äč‚ÄčEstonia's business area. Atria has two production plants in Denmark and one in Estonia. In Denmark, Atria is one of the leading manufacturers in the product category of cold cuts with a 17% market share. Atria has a wide range of brands, of which the most well-known are 3-Stjernet and the premium organic brand Aalbaek Specialiteter. Atria operates also in the foodservice market and manufactures private label products. In 2020, the net sales of Atria Denmark & Estonia were EUR 106.8 million, and the company had 439 employees. 


Photo: Svend Schou Borch, Executive Vice President, Atria Denmark