Changes in the Atria Plc’s management team

23.11.2017 12:30

Changes in the Atria Plc’s management team

The following changes will be accomplished in the Atria Plc’s management team as of 1st of January 2018:

Heikki Kyntäjä, CFO and Deputy CEO will retire and Tomas Back M.Sc. (Econ) is appointed CFO and Deputy CEO of Atria Plc. He is also appointed as Executive Vice President of Atria Denmark. Tomas Back has acted as EVP of Atria Scandinavia business area since 2011. Mr. Back joined Atria 2007 and acted as Atria Plc's CFO from 2007 until 2011.

Jarmo Lindholm M.Sc. (Econ) is appointed Executive Vice President of Atria Sweden business area. Previously Mr. Lindholm has acted as EVP of Atria Russia business area since 2011.  Mr. Lindholm joined Atria in 2002. He has acted as Commercial Director of Atria Finland and as Group Vice President of Atria Plc responsible for marketing, product development and product group management. The recruitment process for the appointment of a new EVP of Atria Russia has started. Until then, EVP Atria Russia duties will be performed by Andrey Shkredov, Finance Director of Atria Russia.

As of the 1st of January 2018 Atria Plc's management team will consist of:

- Juha Gröhn, CEO
- Tomas Back, CFO and Deputy CEO
- Mika Ala-Fossi, EVP of Atria Finland
- Jarmo Lindholm, EVP of Atria Sweden
- Olle Horm, EVP of Atria Estonia
- Andrey Shkredov, EVP of Atria Russia (temporary)
- Pasi Luostarinen, EVP Marketing & Market Insight
- Lars Ohlin, EVP Human Resources

For further information, please contact Juha Gröhn, CEO of Atria Group, tel. +358 400 684224.

Juha Gröhn

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