Atria to improve productivity at the Nurmo pig cutting plant

6.6.2016 09:00

Atria to improve productivity at the Nurmo pig cutting plant

In January 2015, Atria launched an investment project in Nurmo related to the construction and modernisation of the pig cutting plant. The investment is worth around EUR 36 million, and it is expected to generate annual cost savings of some EUR 8 million in the plant’s operations. The investment will be finished by the end of 2017, and the savings will begin to materialise in early 2018.

Negotiations with the personnel concerning the investment project were initiated in January 2015, and they have now been completed. The cutting plant’s operations will be reorganised and working methods revised. As a result of these arrangements, staffing will be reduced by 80 person-years by the end of 2016.

Following the investment, duties will change significantly. The reduction in personnel will be implemented by means of natural attrition, internal transfers and pension arrangements. Subcontracting in pig cutting will also be terminated.

For further information, please contact Mika Ala-Fossi, Executive Vice President, Atria Finland, tel. +358 40 831 0342.

Juha Gröhn

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