Atria is acquiring Aalbaek Specialiteter, a manufacturer of organic cold cuts in Denmark

6.5.2015 11:06

Atria is acquiring Aalbaek Specialiteter, a manufacturer of organic cold cuts in Denmark

Atria is acquiring the business operations of Aalbaek Specialiteter A/S, a Danish manufacturer of cold cuts.  Aalbaek is Denmark’s largest manufacturer of organic cold cuts. Aalbaek Specialiteter was founded in 1920. Today, it is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of high-quality organic meat products. Aalbaek’s product range includes various premium-grade cold cuts, patés and bacon.

The demand for organic meat products in Denmark has been increasing steadily for several years. The transaction will strengthen Atria’s market leading position in cold cuts in Denmark. The transaction includes the Aalbaek’s brand, all business agreements, a charcuterie and a small production plant in Farre. Aalbaek’s production plant in Billund, which was destroyed in a fire in January 2015, is not included in the transaction. The production of Aalbaek products will be transferred to Atria Denmark’s production plant in Horsens.

In conjunction with the transaction, some of Aalbaek’s key personnel will transfer to Atria Denmark.

As a result of the deal, Atria’s net sales are projected to grow by around EUR 10 million per year. The company will be transferred to Atria on 11 May 2015.

For more information, please contact Tomas Back, Atria Scandinavia’s Managing Director, Tel. +46 10 4823100

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