Atria Finland to boost beef and pork production efficiency at the Jyväskylä plant

24.4.2014 09:00

Atria will increase the efficiency of beef and pork procurement and processing at its Jyväskylä plant to improve profitability and productivity. Overlapping functions in meat procurement and administration, which result from the deal concluded between Atria and Saarioinen Oy, will be eliminated. In future, the Jyväskylä plant will focus on bovine and pig slaughtering and cutting. The slaughtering and cutting operations will also be greatly streamlined.

Atria estimates that the restructuring and efficiency improvements will generate annual cost savings of approximately EUR 5 million, to be realised from the beginning of 2015. This will mean the reduction of 59 person-years.

Employer–employee negotiations concerning the reorganisation plans have been completed. All employees to be laid off from the Jyväskylä plant will be offered the opportunity to transfer to other Atria units.

For further information, please contact Mika Ala-Fossi, Managing Director, Atria Finland, tel. +358 40 831 0342.

Juha Gröhn

Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd
Principal media