Atria to centralise production of meat products in Sweden

16.2.2012 14:00


Atria to centralise production of meat products in Sweden

The Board of Directors of Atria Plc has decided to implement a programme focussing on improving the profitability of Atria Scandinavia’s production of meat products. The programme is aimed at streamlining and automating the production process of ham products and the slicing of cold cuts.

Atria is investing approximately EUR 4.7 million in new production equipment for the Malmö plant. The production of ham products and cold cuts will be transferred from the Halmstad plant to the Malmö plant. The Halmstad plant will be closed down after the production transfer. The programme is expected to generate annual cost savings of approximately EUR 1.5 million. The closing of the plant causes a non-recurring cost of approximately EUR 0.9 million.

Negotiations with labour market organisations have been completed.

For more information, please contact Mr Tomas Back, General Manager of Atria Scandinavia, tel. +46 70 3480 005.

Juha Gröhn

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