Changes in Atria Plc management

2.6.2010 09:00
CHANGES IN ATRIA PLC MANAGEMENT                                                 

Seija Pietilä, Group Vice President, Human Resources in Atria Plc and Human     
Resources Director in Atria Scandinavia has accepted a position in another      
company and leaves Atria on September 30, 2010.                                 

Pietilä joined Atria in 2006 and has successfully carried out Atria Group's     
strategic and operational HR reform, personnel development and consistent       
human resources practices in Finland, Scandinavian and Baltic countries and     
in Russia. She has been in active role also in the Atria's integration          
processes and  aligned company common management and leadership processes       
in different business areas.                                                    

Recruitment for her successor is already in the process.                        

For further information, please contact Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO of  
Atria Plc, at tel. +358 50 2582.                                                

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