Atria Plc renews its strategy and implements changes in executive job descriptions as of 1 October 2010

1.10.2010 09:00
Atria Plc renews its strategy and implements changes in executive job           
descriptions as of 1 October 2010                                               
Atria Plc is focalising its business goals and strategy and simultaneously      
renewing the operating model of the Group Management Team. Its key goals are    
significant improvement of the profitability of international operations,       
strengthening its market position, and organic growth. In its revised strategy, 
Atria Plc has determined that its long-term competitive advantage will rely on  
product leadership. Product leadership involves sustained product brand         
reinforcement and investments in R&D and increasing consumer knowledge.         
Particular focus areas are Cold Cuts and the Atria Concept businesses.          

The new organisation will have the following Group-level functions and executive
- Meat Raw Material Procurement and Atria Concept, Executive Vice President Juha
- Quality, Product Safety and Sustainability, Group Vice President Merja Leino  
- Product Leadership, Group Vice President Jarmo Lindholm                       
- Strategy Process, Group Vice President Pasi Luostarinen                       
- Primary Production, Executive Vice President Juha Ruohola                     
- Purchasing, Steering, Logistics and Information Management, Group Vice        
President Jukka Mäntykivi                                                       
- Finance and Administration, Chief Financial Officer Tomas Back                
- Human Resources, Group Vice President to be appointed.                        

The President and CEO of Atria Plc is Matti Tikkakoski. Product Leadership and  
Strategy Process are entirely new Group functions. Product Leadership comprises 
Group-wide brand management, R&D and product group management functions. The    
Group Vice President in charge of the Strategy Process is responsible for       
implementing and monitoring the process throughout the Group.                   

The Business Area Directors are:                                                
- Atria Finland - Matti Tikkakoski                                              
- Atria Scandinavia - Juha Gröhn                                                
- Atria Russia - Juha Ruohola                                                   
- Atria Baltic - Tomas Back                                                     

ATRIA PLC                                                                       
Matti Tikkakoski                                                                
President and CEO                                                               

For further information, please contact Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO,    
tel. +358 50 2582.                                                              

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