OOO Campomos operations continue unchanged

16.9.2009 12:00

OOO Campomos operations continue unchanged                                     

The Russian media has published information of a real estate dispute between
Atria Plc subsidiary OOO Campomos and OOO Dymov Meat Processing company. The
dispute relates to a disagreement between OOO Dymov Meat Processing company and
Campofrio Food Group S.A., which was the former owner of Campomos. The
Arbitration court of  Moscow has given a decision on interim measure regarding
this dispute. 

OOO Campomos daily operations are not impacted by the court decision. Campomos 
continues to operate in a normal way and will take necessary actions to resolve 
the legal dispute.                                                              

The outcome of the legal dispute has no financial impact on Campomos/Atria,     
since there are certain indemnification arrangements in place between Spanish   
Campofrio Food Group S.A and Atria.                                             

For further information please contact Matti Tikkakoski, CEO & President, tel.  
+358 50 2582 or Juha Ruohola, Executive Group Vice President, Atria Russia, tel.
+358 400 647160                                                                 

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