Atria's collective redundancy consultation concerning Finland completed

19.11.2009 10:00
Atria's collective redundancy consultation concerning Finland completed         

The collective redundancy consultation initiated by Atria on 28 September 2009  
in order to improve the efficiency of Finnish operations has been completed. At 
the beginning of the consultation procedure, Atria estimated that the reduction 
of man-years would amount to approximately 125. The efficiency programme is     
expected to generate annual cost savings of approximately EUR 5 million.        

As a result of the consultation procedure, a total of 123 man-years will be cut.
These cuts concern 37 fixed-term employees. Agreement concerning pension        
arrangements has been reached with 36 people. At Kuopio production plant, 42    
people will be laid off. In addition to these measures, 42 people from Nurmo,   
Seinäjoki, Helsinki, Forssa, Kuopio and Tampere sites will be made redundant.   
The personnel reductions will affect all personnel groups.                      

The measures affecting personnel will be implemented by the end of the year.    
Atria will support the relocation of personnel to Atria's other production      

For more information, please contact Mr Juha Gröhn, Executive Vice President,   
Atria Finland Ltd, tel. +358 400 684 224.                                       

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