Atria Lätta Måltider taken over by Richard O'Brian

23.6.2009 10:00
Atria Lätta Måltider taken over by Richard O'Brien                              

Atria Scandinavia is selling its Lätta Måltider business in Norrköping to       
Richard O'Brien, founder and owner of Fresh Direct. The business in Norrköping  
will continue to be run by an entrepreneur with experience of the industry.     

Atria Scandinavia announced on 2 April that it planned to divest the Lätta      
Måltider business unit, which produces and sells ready-to-eat sandwiches and    
salads. Over the spring, the company worked hard to sell the business, and its  
efforts have now paid off. Richard O'Brien's company will take over the business
in Norrköping on 24 June. Lätta Måltider's operations in Stockholm and Östersund
are not included in the sale and will be closed down as planned.                

Atria Lätta Måltider produces sandwiches and salads that are sold throughout    
Sweden on trains, in convenience stores, and in some supermarkets.              

For further information, please contact:                                        
Christer Åberg, MD of Atria Scandinavia, at tel. +46 70 3906100                 
Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO of Atria Plc, at tel. +358 50 2582.         

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