Atria discontinues Lätta Måltider business operations in Sweden

2.4.2009 10:00

Atria begins negotiations to discontinue the loss-making business operations of 
the Lätta Måltider unit, which manufactures salads and sandwiches in Sweden.    
Last year, the efficiency of the Lätta Måltider unit was improved by cutting    
costs and concentrating production. However, these actions did not bring        
sufficient earnings improvements, which led to the proposal to close the        
business operations.                                                            

Atria will evaluate different options for discontinuing the Lätta Måltider      
operations. Divestment of the business operations will also be investigated.    
Atria aims to discontinue the Lätta Måltider business operations by the end of  
July at the latest. Employer-employee negotiations affecting the unit's entire  
personnel will begin immediately.                                               

Lätta Måltider has 124 employees, most of them work at the production plant in  
Norrköping. The net sales of the Lätta Måltider unit was approximately EUR 25   
million in 2008. The unit manufactures a variety of ready-made sandwiches and   
packed salads.                                                                  

For further information, please contact Christer Åberg, Executive Group Vice    
President of Atria Scandinavia, tel. +46 70390 6100 or Matti Tikkakoski,        
President and CEO of Atria Plc, tel. +358 50 2582.                              

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