Atria Baltic concentrates meat-processing activities to Valga and Ahja factories

11.2.2009 09:00
Atria Baltic concentrates meat-processing activities to Valga and Ahja factories

Atria Baltic will transfer meat processing from Vastse-Kuuste to the factories  
of Valga and Ahja. After the rearrangements of premises in Vastse-Kuuste, Atria 
will start processing there new product categories starting from autumn. The    
measures are expected to generate annual cost savings of approximately 1,4      
million euro and will impact 100 employees during this year.                    

The move will increase the efficiency of the operations and create better       
opportunities for profitable growth in the current financially challenging      
situation. After the rearrangements production capacity in all the factories    
will be better utilized, at the same time improving the quality level of the    
production processes.                                                           

Atria Baltic will introduce new product categories to the market starting from  
autumn and Vastse-Kuuste production facilities will be adapted for the          
production during the coming summer.                                            

Vastse-Kuuste brand 'VK' is highly appreciated amongst clients and it will be   
further developed next to Woro and Maks & Moorits brands.                       

Rearrangements in Vastse-Kuuste began in November 2008 when Atria transferred   
the slaughterhouse and meat-cutting unit to Valga. Atria acquired Vastse-Kuuste 
and Woro meat-processing factories last year in the summer.                     

Atria Baltic which represents brands such as Atria, Maks & Moorits, Woro and VK 
is the second largest meat-processing company in Estonia.                       

For further information, please contact Group Vice President Juha Gröhn, tel.   
+358 400 684224 or General Manager Kaido Kaare, tel +372 50 30 840.             

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