Atria announces amendment to the 2010 result forecast for Russia

17.12.2009 14:01
Atria announces amendment to the 2010 result forecast for Russia                

Atria has previously stated that it aims to reach a profitable business result  
in Campomos, its Moscow-based meat processing company, during 2010.  However,   
despite positive development, the full-year business result of neither Campomos 
nor Atria Russia will be profitable yet in 2010.                                

Campomos' profit development has been positive during 2009, and we forecast this
trend to continue. The sales and marketing investments related to Campomos      
products that were initiated during 2009 will gain momentum next year.          

Atria Russia invests heavily in the development of primary production and       
increasing production capacity. Atria and its Danish partners have started an   
important project in Russia to ensure the availability of local pork.           
Investments in the production of pork and the start-up of a new plant in        
Gorelovo in early 2010 will strengthen Atria Russia's future competitiveness.   
During 2010, the start-up of the Gorelovo plant will increase fixed costs by    
approximately EUR 4 million a year. The start-up of production in the new plant 
will also cause some additional costs.                                          

Further information is available from Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO of    
Atria Plc, tel. +358 50 2582.                                                   

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