Decisions taken by Atria Group Plc's Annual General Meeting

29.4.2008 14:30
Decisions taken by Atria Group Plc's Annual General Meeting                     

Atria Group Plc's Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held today at the Finlandia  
Hall in Helsinki and adopted the company's financial statements and consolidated
financial statements for 2007 and discharged the Supervisory Board, Board of    
Directors, and President and CEO from liability for 2007.                       

Dividend of EUR 0.70 per share                                                  

The AGM approved that the Company pay EUR 0.70 per share in dividend for 2007.  
Dividends are paid to shareholders who are entered in the Company's shareholder 
register kept by the Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd on the record    
date for the payment of dividends. The record date for the payment of dividends 
is 5 May 2008 and the date of payment is 13 May 2008.                           

Company Auditor
In accordance with a proposal by the Board of Directors, the Company's present  
auditors, Chartered Accountants Pekka Loikkanen and Eero Suomela, and its deputy
auditors, Chartered Accountant Markku Tynjälä and Chartered Accountants         
PricewaterhouseCoopers Oy, were elected to continue until the closing of the    
next Annual General Meeting.                                                    

Acquisition of own shares                                                       

The AGM approved the proposals of the Board of Directors of an acquisition and  
transfer of own shares and of a share issue.                                    

Composition and remuneration of the Supervisory Board                           

The AGM decided to re-elect the following retiring members of the Supervisory   
Board: Pasi Ingalsuo, Veli Koivisto, Olavi Kuja-Lipasti, Teuvo Mutanen and Timo 
Tuhkasaari. In addition, Pekka Parikka (Karhula) was elected to replace Juhani  
Savolainen, who had requested to resign. Ari Pirkola (Pyhäjoki) was             
elected as a new member.                                                        
The AGM decided that the meeting fee for the members of the Supervisory Board is
EUR 200 per meeting, the fee for the loss of a working time during the meetings 
is EUR 200 per day, the remuneration for the Chairman of the Supervisory is EUR 
3000 a month and the remuneration for the Vice Chairman is EUR 1500 a month.    

Change in the Company's business name                                           

The AGM approved that the Company's business name will be changed by amending   
Article 1 of its Articles of Association to read as follows:                    

“The Company's business name is Atria Oyj, in Swedish Atria Abp and in English  
Atria Plc. The domicile of the Company is Kuopio.”                              

ATRIA GROUP PLC                                                                 

Matti Tikkakoski                                                                
President and CEO                                                               

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