Atria to expand in Estonia through acquisition of two meat processing companies

26.6.2008 18:10
Atria will boost its growth in Estonia by acquiring meat processing companies AS
Woro Kommerts and AS Vastse-Kuuste Lihatööstus. The deal covers 97.7% of the AS 
Woro Kommerts stock. The companies are well-known manufacturers of a variety of 
high-quality meat products and consumer-packed meat. Through these acquisitions,
Atria will complete and expand its current product range for retail customers in

Established in 1993, AS Woro Kommerts is a company specialising in the          
production of meat products. Woro's product portfolio includes smoked sausages  
and meat products, cooked sausages, grill sausages and frankfurters. The        
company's total market share in terms of value is 13% (source: AC Nielsen 2008),
which makes it Estonia's second largest meat processing company. In recent      
years, Woro has been investing actively in the development of product quality   
and brands. In 2007, it posted net sales of EUR 9.9 million and employed some   
170 staff. The company has a production plant in Ahja, near Tartu and a         
distribution centre in Tartu. Built at the turn of the century, the production  
plant boasts modern production machinery.                                       

AS Vastse-Kuuste Lihatööstus manufactures a range of cold cuts, sausages, dried 
sausages and consumer-packed meat. The company has its own slaughterhouse and   
cutting plant. Founded in 1994, Vastse-Kuuste reported net sales of EUR 8.8     
million in 2007. Its total market share in terms of value is 6% (source: AC     
Nielsen 2008), and it employs approximately 140 people. In recent years,        
Vastse-Kuuste has been investing in the modernisation and capacity increase of  
the production plant. Its market position has also strengthened due to the new  
investments. The company has a particularly strong position in cold cuts in the 
Estonian market. The production plant is located in southern Estonia, in        

In 2005, Atria acquired Estonian meat processing company AS Valga Lihatööstus,  
whose net sales for 2007 were EUR 23.2 million. Combined with the operations of 
Woro and Vastse-Kuuste, AS Valga Lihatööstus is going to be the second largest  
player in the Estonian meat processing market, with net sales of approximately  
EUR 42 million. The combination will generate significant synergies and help    
establish a firmer foothold in the market.                                      

In 2007, Atria invested roughly EUR 7 million in increasing the capacity and    
cost-efficiency of the Valga production plant, and in developing primary        
production. Furthermore, Atria has heavily invested in product development and  
marketing. Through its new acquisitions, Atria will create good conditions for  
growth both in Estonia and throughout the Baltics.                              

The closing of the deal is subject to the approval of the Estonian competition  
authorities. This is anticipated to take place by the end of July. Atria        
estimates that the process of consolidating the new companies will begin on 1   
August 2008. The parties have agreed not to make the purchase price public.     

For additional information, please contact Mr Matti Tikkakoski, President & CEO 
of Atria Plc, tel. +358 50 2582.                                                

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