Atria Scandinavia to restructure its operations

18.9.2008 15:00
Atria Scandinavia to restructure its operations  

Atria Plc's subsidiary Atria Scandinavia will boost its operations by moving
the production of sandwiches and salads of Lätta Måltider business unit from
Halmstad to Norrköping. The arrangement will affect all employees in the
Halmstad factory. 'The move will increase the efficiency of our operations and
create better opportunities for profitable growth,' says Christer Åberg,
Managing Director of Atria Scandinavia. 

The project to centre production aims to improve the unsatisfactory
profitability of the Lätta Måltider unit. The reorganization of operations
provides an opportunity to utilize significant integration benefits.
Convenience sandwiches and salads are one of the fastest growing segments in
the food industry. 

The rearrangement plans will concern all employees of the Halmstad plant, of
whom 50 are permanent. Local negotiations related to the restructuring will be
started without delay. The arrangements do not involve Atria Chark and Deli
business unit, situated in Halmstad, manufacturing meat products. 

For further information, please contact Matti Tikkakoski, President & CEO of
Atria Plc, tel. +358 50 2582 or Christer Åberg, MD of Atria Scandinavia, tel.
+46 703 90 6100. 

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