Atria Plc conveys own shares as reward payment

18.12.2008 15:00
Atria Plc conveys own shares as reward payment                                  

The Board of Directors of Atria Plc has decided to convey a total of 35.260     
Company's own existing A-shares held by the Company, for free, to the key       
personnel belonging to the Atria Incentive Scheme, on the basis of the earning  
period 2007. The transfer date of the shares will be 19 December 2008.          
Conveyance of own shares is based on the authorization of the Annual General    
Meeting of Shareholders on 29 April 2008.                                       

Based on the official ownership status dated 17 December 2008, the company holds
a total of 36.604 own shares after the conveyance.                              

For further information, please contact Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO of  
Atria Plc, tel. +358 50 2582.                                                   

Atria Plc                                                                       

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