The Swedish Competition Authority has approved the acquisition of the majority in Sardus

2.4.2007 13:32
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Atria Group Plc       Stock exchange release / Press release, 2 April 2007      

The Swedish Competition Authority has approved the acquisition of the majority  
in Sardus                                                                       

The Swedish Competition Authority (Sw. Konkurrensverket) has today resolved to  
approve the acqui-sition whereby Atria Meat & Fast Food Aktiebolag, an          
indirectly wholly-owned subsidiary of Atria Group Plc (“Atria”) acquired a total
of 5 976 900 shares and thus the majority in Aktiebolaget Sardus (publ)         
(”Sardus”) pursuant to an agreement of 16 February 2007. Consequently, Sardus   
has become Atria's subsidiary.                                                  

Atria published the acquisition of the majority stake in Sardus in a release    
dated 19 February 2007, together with announcing its unconditional mandatory    
public cash offer to the shareholders of Sardus.                                

By 27 March 2007 Atria had acquired a total of 8 387 806 shares in Sardus which 
entitle to a total of 80.2 per cent of the shares and votes of Sardus on a fully
diluted basis.                                                                  

Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the offer, the acceptance period will   
end on 4 April 2007 and Atria has reserved the right to extend the offer period.
Atria will announce the result of the offer and any other thereto related       
matters in accordance with the offer terms and conditions.                      

As a company listed on Stockholmsbörsen, Sardus will continue to issue company  
announcements pursuant to the applicable Swedish rules and regulations. The     
information published by Sardus is also available on Sardus' website    Upon receipt of such announcements, Atria will publish           
information required in accordance with the applicable Finnish rules and        
regulations. In such cases it is possible that Atria will first publish the     
information in the Swedish language and then separately in Finnish and in       
English as soon as possible thereafter.                                         

Helsinki, 2 April 2007         Stockholm, 2 April 2007                          
Atria Group Plc                Atria Meat & Fast Food Aktiebolag                

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