27.2.2007 15:38
16 January (release)                                                            
Christer Åberg appointed as Managing Director of Lithells AB                    

27 January (release)                                                            
Plans by Atria and HK Ruokatalo to work together in the turkey business         

3 February (announcement)                                                       
Appointments in Atria's administration                                          

27 February (release)                                                           
Atria Group Plc's financial statements 1 January - 31 December 2005             

6 April (announcement)                                                          
Invitation to annual general meeting                                            

28 April (release)                                                              
Atria Group Plc's interim report 1 January - 31 March 2006                      

3 May (release)                                                                 
Atria Group Plc's annual general meeting, 3 May 2006                            

9 May (release)                                                                 
Atria Group Plc is preparing a share issue directed at institutional investors -
The submission of subscription commitments will commence on 9 May 2006          

10 May (release)                                                                
Atria Group Plc's share issue will be exercised                                 

15 May (release)                                                                
Atria Group Plc's share issue subscriptions have been approved                  

16 May (release)                                                                
Atria Group revises its operating concept                                       

16 May (release)                                                                
Atria Group Plc's increase of share capital entered into the trade register     

16 May (release)                                                                
HSE: Atria Group Plc: Directed Issue                                            

27 June (announcement)                                                          
Election of the board members and the chairmen of Atria Group Plc               

29 June (release)                                                               
Atria and HK Ruokatalo to establish turkey meat joint-venture                   

17 July (release)                                                               
The sale of Atria shares not converted to book-entry system                     

18 July (release)                                                               
Atria shares not converted to book-entry system have been sold                  

26 July (release)                                                               
Atria Group Plc's interim report 1 January - 30 June 2006                       

31 July (release)                                                               
Liha ja Säilyke Oy and Atria Oy operations integrated                           
4 September (release)                                                           
Svensk Snabbmat för Storkök AB strengthens its position in Sweden               

5 September (release)                                                           
Atria raises efficiency of Baltic operations                                    

22 September (release)                                                          
New General Manager for Atria Russia (OOO Pit-Product)                          

10 October (release)                                                            
Seija Pietilä new Group Vice President of Human Resources in Atria Group        

25 October (release)                                                            
Atria builds meat production plant and logistics centre in Russia               

25 October (release)                                                            
Atria Group Plc's interim report 1 January - 30 September 2006                  

1 November (release)                                                            
Kimmo Lautanen appointed Atria's CFO                                            

28 November (release)                                                           
Atria offers Swedish Meats a true partnership                                   

11 December (release)                                                           
Atria specifies its offer to Swedish Meats published on 28 November 2006 and    
offers an alternative split of the purchase consideration with higher voting    

22 December (release)                                                           
Atria to acquire A-Farmers Ltd - Atria's hold of the value chain strengthens    

22 December (announcement)                                                      
Atria Group Plc's interim reports in 2007 and preliminary report 2006           

ATRIA GROUP PLC                                                                 

Matti Tikkakoski                                                                
President and CEO                                                               

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