Atria to reorganize Itikanmäki area in Seinäjoki

2.11.2007 10:30
Atria Group Plc's Board of Directors made a decision on the reorganisation of   
the Itikanmäki facilities. Atria and the Itikka cooperative association have    
signed a letter of intent with Peab Seicon Oy under which Peab Seicon will buy  
most of the Itikanmäki property including its buildings and will build a new    
office building in Itikanmäki for the property company owned by Atria and its   
owner cooperative associations. The reorganisation also includes transfer of the
current production operations to Nurmo.                                         

The construction of the new office building is being commissioned by a property 
company whose shareholders are the Itikka cooperative association, Lihakunta and
Atria Group Plc. The property company will also own the new building. The land  
use plan for Itikanmäki in Seinäjoki is to be developed in cooperation between  
Atria, the Itikka cooperative association, Peab Seicon and the City of          

The whole reorganisation scheme, including changes in the land use plan and     
construction, will take about 2-4 years. The change in the land use plan        
requires rearrangements in land areas in the Itikanmäki area, including between 
the Itikka cooperative association and the City of Seinäjoki.                   

Atria's present premises in Itikanmäki are no longer suitable for production use
pursuant to the requirements of the food industry, nor are they suitable as     
office space. In future, Atria's operations in the Seinäjoki area will be       
concentrated in Nurmo and the new premises being built.                         

ATRIA GROUP PLC                                                                 

Matti Tikkakoski                                                                
President and CEO                                                               

For additional information, please contact Mr Juha Gröhn, Managing Director of  
Atria Finland Ltd, tel. +358 400 684 224 and Property Director Pauli Tuominen,  
tel. +358 400 563 621.                                                          

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