Atria to acquire the procurement, slaughtering and meat cutting operations of

21.8.2007 10:00
Atria Finland Ltd will acquire from Pouttu Oy the meat procurement, slaughtering
and meat cutting operations of Liha-Pouttu Oy. Packing of retail-packed meat is 
not included in the acquisition. The parent company Pouttu Oy and its           
meat-processing subsidiary Jaloste-Pouttu Oy will continue their operations     
unchanged. In connection with the acquisition, Atria and Pouttu have concluded  
an extensive co-operation agreement concerning meat deliveries from Atria to    

The procurement, slaughtering and meat cutting personnel of Liha-Pouttu Oy will 
move to the service of Atria. Atria will continue operations in Kannus in the   
facilities owned by Pouttu Oy. The company has 130 employees. The procurement   
and customer agreements previously made by Liha-Pouttu Oy are transferred to    
Atria valid and unchanged.                                                      

The co-operation agreement guarantees competitive long-term raw material        
deliveries to Pouttu, possibly freeing up resources for processing operations.  
Along with the acquisition, Atria adds to its cost-efficiency in meat           
procurement and cutting operations as procurement volumes increase from 140     
million kg to approximately 155 million kg. The turnover of Atria Finland Ltd is
expected to grow by approximately EUR 25 million annually. Consequently, the    
agreement will benefit both parties to the deal, and secure competitive         
operating conditions for Pouttu.                                                

Acceptance from the Finnish competition authority is still required to confirm  
the acquisition. This is expected to be granted by 1 October 2007.              

For further information, please contact:                                        
Juha Gröhn, Managing Director, Atria Finland Ltd, tel. +358 400 684 224         

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