27.4.2007 08:45
Euro Cater A/S is the owner of Dansk Cater A/S and is owned 50% by Dansk Cater  
management and 50% by Altor Fund II. As part of the transaction management of   
Svensk Snabbmat is also selling their stake in Svensk Snabbmat to Euro Cater and
at the same time becoming owners of Euro Cater.                                 

A local wholesale company which provides services for the HoReCa market, Svensk 
Snabbmat för Storkök AB has a network of 18 outlets covering the whole of       
Sweden. Atria has been the majority owner of Svensk Snabbmat with its 57.2 per  
cent share holding. The remaining shares are held by the company's executive    
management. The company's turnover amounted to EUR 147,1 million in 2006 and EUR
47,4 million in the first quarter of 2007.                                      

Svensk Snabbmat became part of the Atria Group in 1997 in connection with       
Atria's acquisition of Lithells AB. Svensk Snabbmat has been a highly successful
member of Atria Group and has grown strongly and improved its profitability over
eight consecutive years. As a member of Atria Group the company has also        
successfully consolidated its position in the restaurant wholesaling sector by  
contributing actively to the consolidation of the industry. In 2006, Svensk     
Snabbmat acquired the business operations of the Matgruppen för Storkök i Norr  
group, thus expanding its business to cover the whole of Sweden.                

The restaurant wholesaling business is undergoing major restructuring in Sweden 
and in the other Nordic Countries, with small companies being merged into larger
units through acquisitions. In order to remain players in the field, companies  
must take an active part in this development. However, the business operations  
of Svensk Snabbmat are not part of Atria's core business. Atria has previously  
expressed its willingness to sell its stake in Svensk Snabbmat, provided it can 
acquire other comparable core business in Sweden. During this spring Atria has  
acquired AB Sardus, a Swedish company operating in the food products market, and
consequently decided to sell its stake in Svensk Snabbmat. Simultaneously, Atria
Group will capitalise on the increase in value which is due to the              
above-mentioned favourable development of Svensk Snabbmat as an Atria Group     
company. Atria will book a sales gain of EUR 34 million on the divestment.      

The agreement between Atria and Euro Cater is a part of the above-mentioned     
restructuring development, with Euro Cater aiming to become a major player in   
the restaurant wholesaling market in Sweden and the entire Nordic region. Euro  
Cater already owns Dansk Cater, The Danish market leader within Food Service.   
Euro Cater was created in 2006, and is owned by Dansk Cater management 50% and  
Altor Fund II 50%. The management of Svensk Snabbmat will as a part of the      
transaction become owners of Euro Cater.                                        

The agreement is subject to approval by the Swedish Competition Authority, which
Euro Cater expects to be granted by 31 May 2007. Svensk Snabbmat remains        
included in Atria Group's consolidated reporting until the agreement has been   

HSH Gudme Corporate Finance acted as Atria's financial advisor and Roschier as  
Atria`s legal advisor in matters concerning the transaction.                    

For additional information, please contact Mr Matti Tikkakoski, President and   
CEO, Atria Group Plc, tel. +358 (0)50 2582.                                     

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The balance sheet of Svensk Snabbmat on 31 March 2007 was as follows:           

           Property, plant and equipment         1,8                            
           Goodwill                             13,2                            
           Inventories                          11,0                            
           Trade and other receivables          21,4                            
           Cash in hand and at bank              1,6                            
Total assets                                    49,0                            
Equity and liabilities		                                                        
           Equity                                9,6                            
           Long-term liabilities                15,6                            
           Short-term liabilities               23,8                            
Total equity and liabilities                    49,0