Atria carries out significant streamlining within Sardus Lätta Måltider

8.10.2007 11:00
As part of restoring the profitability within food industry producer Atria      
Scandinavia's business unit Sardus Lätta Måltider (Light Meals), the production 
of sandwiches and salads is proposed to be concentrated to the factories in     
Norrköping and Halmstad. This would mean that the production at the Stockholm   
factory will be closed down. Combined with additional restructurings this has   
resulted in approximately 100 employees, whereof approximately 60 in Stockholm, 
have been given notice of leave.                                                

Light Meals, with a total of approximately 270 employees, will after the        
streamlining still have its distribution unit near Stockholm. The notice of     
leave concerns 58 employees in Stockholm, 24 in Halmstad and 15 in Norrköping.  
Union negotiations will commence within short.                                  

- We still have strong belief in the future of sandwiches and salads. In        
international comparisons the consumption in Sweden is still low and increased  
market growth can be expected mainly within the retail trade, says Christer     
Åberg, Managing Director of Atria Scandinavia. Despite this we are still forced 
to restructure our business within Sardus Lätta Måltider because costs within   
the unit have been too high. This change lies in line with our objective of     
creating profitable growth for our salad and sandwich business.                 
Ready meals, were sandwiches and salads represent an important part is one of   
Atria Scandinavia's prioritised areas of growth. Atria has recently publicly    
announced its plans of investing approximately SEK 10 million in the ready meals
factory in Fosie, Malmö as a result of a cooperation with ICA.                  

For more information please contact: Managing Director, Atria Scandinavia,      
Christer Åberg, +4670 390 61 00 or President and CEO, Atria Group Plc, Matti    
Tikkakoski, +358 50 2582.                                                       

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