Kimmo Lautanen appointed Atria's CFO

1.11.2006 10:00
Kimmo Lautanen appointed Atria's CFO

Mr Kimmo Lautanen (47), MSc (Econ.), has been appointed Chief Financial Officer
(CFO) of Atria Group and a member of Atria's management group. He will join Atria
on 1 February 2007 and assume his actual duties as CFO on 1 March 2007. Kimmo
Lautanen was previously employed at Hartwall Ltd as CFO and before that he was
employed at the Swiss chemical group Ciba as CFO e.g. in Japan and in France. He
will be responsible for Atria Group's financial administration.

Atria Group's long-standing CFO, Mr Erkki Roivas, MSc (Econ.), will retire by the
end of the year 2007.

For further information, please contact Mr Matti Tikkakoski, President and CEO,
tel. +358 50 2582.

Matti Tikkakoski
President and CEO

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