6.4.2006 10:15

Atria Group plc's shareholders are invited to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to
be held at the company's premises in Kuopio (Ankkuritie 2, 70460 Kuopio, Finland)
on Wednesday, 3 May 2006, starting at 2:00 pm.

The AGM will address the following:

1. The matters to be addressed at the AGM as set out in item 16 of the Articles
of Association.

2. The Board of Directors' proposal to authorise itself to decide on increasing
the share capital by one or more new issues.

The Board of Directors proposes that the authorisation to increase the share
capital be renewed as follows. The proposed authorisation would supersede the
authorisation that is valid until 3 May 2006.

The Board of Directors proposes that the AGM authorises it to decide on
increasing the company's share capital by means of one or more subscription
issues, so that the maximum number of the company's A Series shares, with a
nominal value of EUR 1.70, should not exceed a total of 4,218,545 shares, thereby
increasing the company's share capital by a maximum of EUR 7,171,526.50.

However, this authorisation only enables the Board of Directors to decide on
raising the share capital so that the share capital is raised by no more than one-
fifth of the registered share capital at the time the Board of Directors take the
decision to raise the share capital.  The Board of Directors proposes that this
authorisation includes the right to deviate from the shareholders' subscription
privilege on the condition that there is a significant economic reason from the
viewpoint of the company for the deviation, e.g. the financing, implementation or
enabling of corporate acquisitions or other arrangements or of assets that are
part of the company's business operations, co-operation arrangements,
strengthening or development of the financing or capital structure of the
company, or providing the staff with incentives.

It is also proposed that the authorisation includes the right that the Board of
Directors may decide that shares may be subscribed for in exchange for
contributions of capital or in accordance with certain terms and conditions. The
Board of Directors would be authorised to decide on the parties eligible for
subscription, the subscription price and the grounds for setting the subscription
price. The authorisation shall be valid for one year from the date of the
decision taken by the AGM.

Financial statements documentation and the proposals of the Board of Directors

The documentation connected to the financial statements and the proposals of the
Board of Directors mentioned in item 2 above, together with its appendix, will be
on view for shareholders from 26 April 2006 at the company's office in Seinäjoki
(address: Vaasantie 1, 60100 Seinäjoki), and at the company's Kuopio office
(address: Ankkuritie 2, 70460 Kuopio). Copies of the documents will be sent to
those shareholders wishing to have them.

Participation in and registration for the AGM

The right to attend the Annual General Meeting exists for shareholders who were
recorded as shareholders on 21.04.06 in the company's shareholder register
maintained by Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd, unless otherwise stated
in law.

In order to exercise the right to attend the Annual General Meeting, shareholders
must notify the company of their intention to do so by 4:00 pm on Friday, 28
April 2006. Shareholders may register by mail addressed to Atria Group plc, Liisa
Liukku, Box 900, FI-60060 Atria, Finland, by phone +358 6 416 or by e-mail
addressed to The letter of notification must reach its
destination before the close of the registration period. Letters of attorney are
also to be sent to the place of registration before the close of the registration


Shareholders in possession of a voting majority in the company have informed the
company that they intend to propose that the company's present auditors, Timo
Loikkanen and Eero Suomela (both chartered accountants), be elected to continue
as such, and that the firm of chartered accountants SVH Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Oy and chartered accountant Markku Tynjälä be appointed as deputy auditors until
the closing of the next AGM.

Distribution of dividends

The Board of Directors has decided to propose to the AGM that a dividend of EUR
0.595 be paid for each share for the financial year 2005. According to the
proposal, the dividends are to be paid to those shareholders who are entered in
the company's register of shareholders kept by Suomen Arvopaperikeskus Oy on the
date of record. The date of record for the dividend payment is 08.05.06, and the
date of payment of the dividend is 15.05.06.

Nurmo, 21 February 2006

Board of Directors


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