Economic objectives and future outlook

Financial information

Economic objectives and future outlook

Atria Plc's economic objectives

  • EBIT 5%
  • Equity ratio 40%
  • Return on equity 8 %
  • Distribution of dividends 50% of the profit of the period 

Future outlook


In 2020, Atria Group’s EBIT is estimated to be higher than in 2019 (EUR 31.1 million).

Atria operates mainly in the stabile retail and Food Service markets in Finland and Sweden. The strong and rapid changes in the global meat market will have a greater impact on the company's development and reduce predictability.

Consumption of poultry meat is expected to continue to increase, while consumption of red meat is expected to decline slightly. The importance of convenience food and the Food Service channel is expected to increase, and the importance of exports will also increase.

Atria has increased its meat exports, and pork exports to China, for example, are expected to increase during 2020.