The duties of the Supervisory Board


The duties of the Supervisory Board

In accordance with Atria Plc’s Articles of Association, the company has a Supervisory Board elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Supervisory Board consists of a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 21 members, who are elected for a term of three years at a time. Persons aged sixty-five (65) or older cannot be elected to the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board elects a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from amongst its members for a term of one year at a time. The Supervisory Board meets four times a year on average.

The duties of the Supervisory Board are specified in the Limited Liability Companies Act and Atria Plc's Articles of Association. The duties of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Supervising the company's administration which is under responsibility of the Board of Directors and the CEO;
  • Providing instructions to the Board of Directors on matters that are of far-reaching consequence or important in principle; and
  • Submitting its statement on the financial statements and the auditors’ report to the Annual General Meeting.

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