Supervisory Board


Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Hannu Hyry  born 1956, Farmer, member since 2013

Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board: 

Juho Anttikoski born 1970, Farmer, member since 2009


Mika Asunmaa  born 1970, Farmer, member since 2005
Reijo Flink born 1967, Agrologist, CEO, member since 2014
Lassi-Antti Haarala  born 1966, Agrologist, Farmer, member since 2002
Jussi Hantula born 1955, Agrologist, Farmer, member since 2012
Henrik Holm  born 1966, Farmer, member since 2002
Veli Hyttinen born 1973, Agrologist, Farmer, member since 2010
Pasi Ingalsuo born 1966, Agrologist, Farmer, member since 2004
Marja-Liisa Juuse born 1963, Farmer, member since 2015
Jukka Kaikkonen born 1963, Agrologist, Farmer, member since 2013
Juha Kiviniemi born 1972, MSc (Agric.), Farmer, member since 2010
Ari Lajunen born 1975, MSc (Agric.), Farmer, member since 2013
Mika Niku  born 1970, Farmer, member since 2009
Pekka Ojala born 1964, Agrologist, Farmer, member since  2013
Heikki Panula  born 1955, MSc (Agric.), Farmer, member since 2005
Ahti Ritola born 1964, BSc (Business Admin.), Farmer, member since 2013
Risto Sairanen born 1960, Farmer, member since April 26, 2013
Timo Tuhkasaari  born 1965, Farmer, member since 2002.

All members of Atria Plc’s Supervisory Board are members of the administrative bodies of the company’s principal owners – Lihakunta, Itikka Co-operative and Pohjanmaan Liha Co-operative. All members of the Supervisory Board are dependent of the company and on significant shareholders.

In 2015, Atria Plc’s Supervisory Board met four (4) times, and the average attendance of the members was 97.4 %.

The duties of the Supervisory Board


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