Management team

Atria Group has a Management Team chaired by the CEO. The Management Team assists the CEO in planning the operations and in operational management. The duties of the Management Team include, among others, preparing strategic plans and putting them into practice, handling significant projects and organisational changes, as well as reviewing and implementing the Group’s risk management measures in their respective areas of responsibility.

In 2022, the Management Team met nine times

Juha Gröhn, CEO
Tomas Back, CFO and Deputy CEO
Mika Ala-Fossi, EVP, Atria Finland
Jarmo Lindholm, EVP, Atria Sweden
Olle Horm, EVP, Atria Estonia
Pasi Luostarinen, EVP, Marketing & Market Insight
Merja Leino, EVP, Sustainability

Directors of Atria Business Areas  

Atria Finland –  Mika Ala-Fossi
Atria Sweden – Jarmo Lindholm
Atria Denmark & Estonia - Tomas Back (Denmark) and Olle Horm (Estonia)

The financial benefits paid to the CEO and the Management Team 

Share ownership of the Management Team