The company has a CEO in charge of managing the company’s operations in accordance with the instructions and orders issued by the Board of Directors, as well as informing the Board of Directors of the development of the company’s operations and financial performance. The CEO also sees to the organisation of the company’s day-to-day administration and ensures reliable asset management. The CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors, which decides on the terms of his or her employment.

Since March 2011, Atria Plc's CEO has been Juha Gröhn, M.Sc (Food Sc.)

 Juha Gröhn, M.Sc. (Food Sc.), b. 1963, CEO, Atria Plc. Joined Atria in 1990.


Work experience, Juha Gröhn

2011 - CEO Atria Plc
2010 - 2011 Managing Director of Atria Scandinavia Ab; Vice President of Atria Plc 
2006 - 2010 Managing Director of Atria Finland Ltd; Vice Managing Director of Atria Plc; Group Vice President for Atria Baltic
2004 - 2006 Director for Meat Industry and Vice Managing Director, Atria Ltd
2003 - 2004 Director for Steering and Vice Managing Director, Atria Ltd
1999 - 2003 Director, Meat Products and Convenience Food Industries, Atria Ltd
1993 - 1998 Director, Slaughterhouse Industry, Atria Ltd.
1991 - 1993 R&D Manager Itikka-Lihapolar
1990 - 1991 Foreman Lihapolar


 Remuneration and incentive schemes