Remuneration of Board members

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Remuneration of Board members

The Annual General Meeting decides on the remuneration of the members of Atria’s Board of Directors. Remuneration is handled in the form of monetary compensation. The members have no share incentive plans or share-based bonus schemes. The principles governing the remuneration of the CEO are set out in a different section.

The remuneration paid to the Board of Directors in 2014 was as follows:

• Meeting compensation: 300 euros/meeting.
• Compensation for loss of working time: 300 euros/meeting and assignment date
• Fee of the Chairman of the Board of Directors: 4,400 euros/month
• Fee of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors: 2,200 euros/month
• Fee of members of the Board of Directors: 1,700 euros/month
• Travel allowance according to the Company`s travelling policy

The 2015 Annual General Meeting decided to maintain fees and meeting compensations of the Board of Directors unchanged.

In 2014 monthly fees and meeting fees paid to the members of the Board of Directors for participating in the procedures of the Board of Directors (including being a member of the Board of another company that is part of the same Group) were the following:




BOD and 
committee work, €

Benefits from Group
companies, €

Total, €           

Seppo Paavolainen Chairman        72,300       72,300
Timo Komulainen Deputy Chairman        44,100       33,900    78,000
Esa Kaarto Member       30,600        21,300     51,900
Jukka Moisio Member, from May 6, 2014         15,100        15,100
Kjell-Göran Paxall Member        31,800          8,100     39,900
Jyrki Rantsi Member       33,300          1,800     24,300
Maisa Romanainen Member       24,300       24,300
Harri Sivula Member       28,200       28,200
Total       297,900        65,100  
344, 800