Principles concerning the diversity of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Principles concerning the diversity of the Board of Directors

For Atria, diversity represents a part of the company’s responsible business. When planning the composition of Atria’s Board of Directors, diversity is considered from a variety of aspects, also accounting for the extent of the company’s business operations and its development needs.

The aim in the selection of a diverse Board of Directors is for the Board to support the development of Atria’s current and future business. The selection also aims to ensure that the Board has core competence from a variety of fields within the value chain of Atria’s business operations, a wide range of experience of entrepreneurship and business activities, as well as know-how and understanding of international business required by the company’s strategy. Rather than every member of the Board being qualified in all of the aforementioned areas, the aim is that every Board member possess some skills in one or more of the aforementioned areas. The diversity of the Board of Directors is furthermore supported by the members’ other complementary skills, their training and experience from different occupational fields and industries, as well as by a consideration of the Board members’ age and gender distribution. A constructively questioning and challenging Board of Directors brings added value to the management’s activities and diversifies the Board’s work. In addition to the aforementioned areas, the selection considers the candidates’ ability to spend a sufficient amount of time on their Board duties.

Atria aims to promote the selection of Board members who are as qualified as possible, with merits from various segments of the value chain regarding the Board’s composition and that candidates of both genders have equal opportunities to be selected for the Board. It is Atria’s goal that both genders are represented on the Board of Directors and if there are two equally qualified candidates, a representative of the minority sex is prioritized.

To achieve the objectives set in the principles on diversity, the Board of Directors has actively conveyed these objective to Atria’s shareholders. During the 2018 financial period, one of the Board members was a woman while the rest were men. The share of the minority sex in the Board has been 12.5 percent. The company’s minimum objective with regard to both genders being represented has therefore been fulfilled. The company’s objective with regard to multi-professional core competencies covering the various segments of the value chain has also been fulfilled, given the members’ in-depth knowledge of the meat industry, as well as of commercial and industrial activities.