Kjell-Göran Paxal - Member, Board of Directors

Year of birth: 1967 
Education: Agrologist 
Main occupation: Farmer, piglet and pork production 
Relevant work experience: Feed salesman at Oy Foremix Ab 1990-1997;
Primary Production Manager at Pohjanmaan Liha Co-operative 1990-1997 
Member of the Board: since 2012 
Current key positions of trust: Pohjanmaan Liha Board of Directors: deputy member 1999–2001, Deputy Chairman 2002–2009 and Chairman 2010-; A-Farmers Ltd, Board of Directors: deputy member 2001–2002 and member 2003; Oy Foremix Ab Board of Directors: member 2004–2009 and chairman 2010-; Member of the Board of Directors of A-Rehu Ltd 2010; -Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ab WestFarm Ltd. 2010-.
Expired key positions of trust: Deputy member of the Board of Directors of the Central Union of Swedish-Speaking Agricultural Producers in Finland 1999-2001 
Independency: Dependent of the company and of the principal share owners 
Share-based rights in the company: none
Shareholding on 31 December 2017: 2,166
Attendance in meetings: 13/13