Seppo Felix Paavola - Chairman, Board of Directors

Seppo Paavola

Year of birth: 1962
Education: Agrologist (secondary school graduate)
Main occupation: Farmer
Relevant work experience: Farm advisor, Rural Centre of Central Ostrobothnia 1991- 1996, Agricultural entrepreneur 1996 -
Member of the Board: since 2012
Current key positions of trust: Member of the Supervisory Board of Itikka Co-operative 2000– present and Chairman 2012– present; Chair of the Board of Directors of Perhonjokilaakso Co-operative Bank (former Kaustinen Co-operative Bank), Chair 2002– present; Member of the Board of Directors of Pellervo Confederation of Finnish Co-operatives 2012– present
Past key positions of trust: Member of the Supervisory Board of Atria Plc 2006-2009 and Deputy Chair 2009-2012; Member of the Co-operative Advisory Committee of Pellervo Confederation 2012-2017
Independence: Dependent of the company 
Share-based rights in the company: None
Shareholding on 31 December 2019: 4,400
Attendance in meetings: 14/14