Ahti Ritola - Member, Board of Directors

Ahti Ritola

Year of birth: 1959
Education: B.Ba. (Business Administration)
Main occupation: Farmer and beef producer
Relevant work experience: Entrepreneur in agriculture, real estate and commerce since 1985
Member of the Board since: 2018
Current key positions of trust: Itikka Cooperative, member of the Board of Directors 2013- and Chair of the Board of Directors 2018-
Past key positions of trust: Itikka Cooperative, member of the Representative Council 2001-2012, member of the Supervisory Board 2012-2018; Member of the Supervisory Board of Atria Plc 2013-2018; Member of the Representative Council of the South Ostrobothnia Cooperative Bank 2004-2017
Independence: Dependent of the company and significant shareholders
Share-based rights in the company: None
Shareholding on 31 December 2018: 400
Attendance in meetings: 9/9