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Atria Plc

The Board of Directors   

Board of Directors of Atria Plc

Chairman of the Board of Directors 
Seppo Paavola, Agrologist, farmer: chairman since 2012

Deputy Chairman of the Board
Jyrki Rantsi, Agrologist, piglet and pork production, member since 2013, deputy chairman since 2015

Members of the Board of Directors

Nella Ginman-Tjeder,
Managing Director of Eira Hospital; member since 2016

Pasi Korhonen, Farmer; member since 2016

Jukka Moisio, CEO of Huhtamäki Oyj, member since 2014

Kjell-Göran Paxal, Farmer, piglet and pork production, member since 2012

Ahti Ritola, Farmer: member since 2018

Harri Sivula, M.Sc.(Admin.), Tokmanni Group Plc, interim CEO, member since 2009

In accordance with the Articles of Association, Atria’s Board of Directors has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 members. The term of office of a member of Atria’s Board of Directors differs from the term of one year specified in recommendation 6 of the Corporate Governance Code. Per the Articles of Association, the term of a member of the Board of Directors is three (3) years. Shareholders representing more than 50% of the votes have
stated that the term of three (3) years is appropriate for the long-term development of the company and have not seen the need to shorten the term from that specified in the Articles of Association. As an exception to recommendation 10 of the Corporate Governance Code, three of the eight Board members are independent of the company. The company believes that understanding its business requires a deep familiarity with and commitment to meat operations from the majority of its Board members.

The Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors are appointed in accordance with the shareholder agreement of the shareholders of the company, Lihakunta and Itikka Co-operative.

Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) in EU dated 3rd of July 2016
Due to the implementation of the Regulation of the market abuse (EU No. 596/2014, “MAR”) since the 3rd of July 2016, we no longer update the Insider Register at our website. The current page dated July 2, 2016 will be removed July 2, 2017.

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Principles concerning the diversity of the Board of Directors