In accordance with the Articles of Association, the company has one (1) auditor, which is a public accountant firm authorised by Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The term of service of the auditor ends at the conclusion of the first Annual General Meeting following their election.

The auditor provides Atria’s shareholders with an Auditor’s Report document in accordance with the law, in conjunction with the company’s financial statements, and reports regularly to the Board of Directors and management. The auditor participates in a Board meeting at least once a year, on which occasion a discussion of the audit plan and the results of auditing is arranged.

In 2018, Atria Plc’s Annual General Meeting elected PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd., a firm of authorised public accountants, as the company’s auditor for a term ending at the closing of the next Annual General Meeting. According to the firm, the auditor in charge is Authorised Public Accountant Samuli Perälä. The remuneration is paid to the auditor according to an invoice accepted by the company.

Auditor’s remuneration for the 2018 accounting period
In 2018, the Group paid EUR 343,000 to PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd. as the auditor’s remuneration. The company did not pay anything for services not related to auditing.