Market position Atria Scandinavia

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Market position Atria Scandinavia

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  • The markets for sausages and cold cuts in Sweden and the market for cold cuts in Denmark are worth a total of approximately EUR 1.3 billion 
  • Annual volume growth of 0–2% in meat products for the consumer goods retail trade
  • Highly consolidated consumer goods retail trade: Sweden's largest players are ICA (market share of approximately 50 per cent), Axfood and Coop; in Denmark the largest players are Coop and Danske Supermarked 
  • The strong position of private labels in the consumer goods retail trade will continue to strengthen
  • Declining demand for red meat will be compensated for by poultry and vegetable-based food products; organic product groups will also strengthen

Market share

  • Market leader of the consumer goods retail trade in the cold cuts product group in Denmark, market number two in the sausage and cold cuts product groups in Sweden
  • Significant share in the Food Service and concept business (Sibylla) 
  • Strong private label supplier, particularly in Sweden

Competitive position

  • The largest operators in Sweden are Atria Scandinavia and Scan AB. Some 25 per cent of the market is held by small companies with net sales below EUR 5 million
  • In Denmark, the leading player is Danish Crown

Business drivers

  • Productivity and operational efficiency 
  • Comprehensive, flexible product groups and services
  • Several well respected brands, including international brands
  • New market areas
  • A company that is innovative, responsible and respected by consumers