Market position in Russia


  • The value of the meat product market in St. Petersburg region is approximately EUR 600 million. The value is approximately threefold in the Moscow area.
  • Centralizing retail trade sector
  • The Food Service market is developing strongly
  • Intense price competition among volume products, Atria focused on its product groups

Market share

  • Atria's main product group's market share in St. Petersburg's chained retail trade sector is about 5 per cent
  • Share in Food Service market is growing, in 2019 growth was 13.4 per cent
  • Atria's share of concept business (Sibylla) was strong and growing

Competitive position

  • Strong concentration of the meat processing industry with only a few internationally significant players.
  • Atria is the largest foreign company in the industry. 

Business drivers

  • Streamlined structure, operations centralised in St. Petersburg
  • Efficient production and operations
  • Focused product groups
  • Well-known brands
  • Contract manufacturing (Casademont)
  • Sibylla concept business

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