Market position Atria Russia

Atria as an investment

Market position Atria Russia

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  • The market for meat and meat products in Moscow is worth around EUR 1.5 billion and the market in St Petersburg is worth just over EUR 0.5 billion. Russia has the largest consumer goods retail market in Europe. 
  • The meat and meat processing markets are volatile due to import bans, the declining value of the rouble and high inflation
  • Fragmented consumer goods retail trade; Atria is focused on trading with retail chains
  • Intense price competition among volume products, Atria focused on its product groups

Market share

  • Market leader in its key product groups in the chain retail trade in the St Petersburg region, low market share in Moscow
  • Food Service and concept business (Sibylla) increasing in market share 

Competitive position

  • Low level of consolidation in the meat processing industry, only a few companies of internationally significant size
  • Atria is the largest foreign operator in the sector  

Business drivers

  • Streamlined structure, operations centralised in St Petersburg 
  • Efficient production and operations 
  • Focused product groups
  • Well-known brands
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Sibylla concept business