Market position in Finland


  • Total value of the meat and meat product market approx. EUR 3.08 billion
  • Annual volume growth of 1–2% in meat products for the consumer goods retail trade, value growth of 3.7 % in 2020
  • Consolidated consumer goods retail trade – the largest players are S Group and K Group with a combined market share of about 80 per cent and Lidl with a share of about 10 percent
  • 80 per cent of meat consumed is Finnish; in the long and medium term, consumption of poultry will increase, pork consumption will remain almost unchanged and beef consumption will decrease 
  • Intense price competition in the consumer market for meat and processed-meat products 
  • Shops' own brands (private labels) account for a significant proportion of sales, the strongest phase of growth has levelled out

Market share

  • Market leader of the consumer goods retail trade in the product groups it represents, with a supplier share of approximately 24%
  • Market leader in the Food Service sector, with a market share of around 20% in terms of value
  • Strong private label supplier 

Competitive position

  • The largest players are Atria Finland Ltd and HKScan Finland Oy
  • Atria is the market leader in the slaughterhouse industry

Business drivers

  • Productivity, efficiency and reliability, large scale 
  • Strong, well-known brand
  • Commercial excellence
  • A company that is responsible and respected by consumers

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