Market position in Denmark and Estonia


  • The value of the market for cold cuts in Denmark and the value of the market for meat and meat products in Estonia's retail trade sector totaled for EUR 669 million in 2020.
  • The change in the value of cold cuts market in Denmark was 8.4 per cent. In Estonia the change in the value of meat product market was 4.4 per cent. 
  • Consolidated consumer goods retail trade in Denmark, the largest players are Salling Group and Coop. The largest players in Estonia are Coop and Maxima, but also direct selling continues to be important 
  • Demand for organic products will grow significantly in the Danish market; in Estonia, trends that are getting stronger include, for instance, product groups with a higher degree of processing

Market share

  • Atria is the second biggest actor in the cold cuts product group in Denmark with a share of 16.9 per cent; In Estonia Atria is on second place with a market share of 15.3 per cent
  • In 2020 Food Service market was strongly influenced by corona pandemic. Atria's manufacturer share in Food Service market was stable.

Competitive position

  • In Denmark, the largest operator in the field is Danish Crown, and in Estonia Rakvere, which is owned by HKScan
  • Regional small businesses account for a significant part of the total market in Denmark and in Estonia. 

Business drivers

  • Centralised, efficient operations
  • Valued and well-known brands
  • The Danish brands has also significant export potential
  • A company that is innovative, responsible and respected by customers

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