Business risks

Atria as an investment

Business risks


Incidents related to the quality and safety of raw materials and products in any part of the chain, from primary production to consumption, are ordinary short-term risks in Atria’s business environment.  Price trends for raw materials, the general economic climate, market development and competitors’ operations can give rise to uncertainty in terms of trends in the demand for Atria's products.

The poor harvest season this summer has raised production costs at meat farms during the autumn. This causes pressure to increase raw material prices.

Other potential short-term uncertainties in Atria’s operations are related to implementing the strategy and maintaining or improving the financial results of business areas. African swine fever continues to cause disruption in Estonia. There is a risk of it spreading to Finland. Atria has taken several precautionary measures to prevent the disease from spreading into its production facilities, and strives to manage the risk.

Changes in the value of the Russian rouble and the Swedish krona are reflected in the Group’s euro-denominated net sales, result and equity. A more detailed description of the risks related to the Group's operations was provided in the 2017 annual report.