Business risks

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Business risks


Atria’s business, net sales and results may be affected by a number of uncertainties. Risk management and business risks are comprehensively described in Atria’s Annual Report 2021, which can be found at

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 and the ensuing military operations and sanctions have impacted public finances, business activities and consumers’ purchasing power in the EU area. The rate of inflation has accelerated particularly due to an increase in energy prices, market interest rates have increased, and the availability of some products has weakened. The risks to Atria’s operations include changes in consumer behaviour.

Ukraine is a major producer of feed grains. Last summer was dry and exceptionally warm in Europe. Grain harvests were small, and there was a shortage of feed grains even before the war. Russia’s blockades may prevent the import of grain from Ukraine.  As a result, the costs of production farms have increased, and the price of meat has risen.
The risk related to the price and availability of energy has increased due to the war. Russia has been an important energy producer in Europe. The price of fuels and electricity has been on the rise since the start of the war, and the significant price volatility in energy costs is projected to continue.

Cybersecurity and information influence activities have become topical due to the war. Atria is prepared for an increase in cybercrime and information system failures. The purpose of systematic monitoring is to ensure rapid responsiveness in the event of an incident. At Atria, improving cybersecurity is an ongoing process.

The Covid-19 virus is impacting Atria’s operations for the third consecutive year. Although restrictions were lifted during the spring, the incidence rate continues to be high. The virus’s mutation is difficult to predict, and containing the pandemic through vaccination programmes involves uncertainties. Atria is striving to prevent the pandemic’s effects on the health of its personnel and to secure safe working conditions and a disruption-free supply chain.

Atria has a holding of approximately 2 per cent share in Majakka Voima, which has become subject to claims for damages due to the Fennovoima project. In Atria's opinion, it is unlikely that the claims will cause significant costs for Atria. Atria has written down the value of Majakka Voima Ltd's shares in its accounting in 2021.

A significant proportion of the pork processed at Atria’s Nurmo plant is exported to China and Europe. The demand for and price of meat can fluctuate very quickly in the export market, which is a risk to both volume and the price level.

African swine fever is present in several European countries as well as in China and Russia. The occurrences of the highly pathogenic avian influenza detected in Europe have resulted in uncertainties in the poultry market. Due to the risk of these diseases spreading to Finland, Atria implements measures to prevent the spread of the diseases at its own production facilities and contract production farms.