Key targets and results in terms of Atria's nutritional responsibility development

Atria Finland    
Targets 2015 Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Atria's communications about nutrition will be further improved, with a focus on revising the contents of Atria’s website.
  • Reduction of salt and introduction of new Heart Symbol products in all product groups.
  • Updating the nutrition strategy.
  • Participation in new projects that increase nutritional knowledge and are in line with Atria’s research strategy.
  • Atria's updated consumer website has features to enable people with special dietary requirements to search for food.
  • The salt and fat content has been reduced in Food Service-sector products in accordance with recommendations for schools and institutes of higher education, and some of the recipe changes have also been used in retail products.
  • Due to organisational changes, the nutrition strategy was not updated in 2015. The policies were considered up to date.
  • No participation in new national development projects in 2015.
  • Production of nutritional responsibility content for the website.
  • In accordance with the recommendations of the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare, Atria will begin using iodised salt for reasons of national health.
Atria Scandinavia    
Targets 2015 Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Reduction of salt in cold cuts and sausage.
  • Creation of uniform nutrition principles.
  • 21 per cent of our meat products met the requirements for the keyhole salt criteria in 2014. This number increased to 34 per cent in 2015.
  • Nutrition policy developed and launched in the organisation.
  • Reduction of salt in cold cuts and sausage. 100 per cent of our meat products should fulfil the keyhole criteria for salt (excluding cold-smoked products and cured products where the process makes it impossible) by 2020.
  • Implement the nutrition policy in our work.
  • Increase the number of product groups containing products marked with the Keyhole symbol.
Atria Baltic    
Targets 2015 Results 2015 Targets 2016
  • Increasing the use of domestic raw materials in products.
  • Smaller package sizes for consumers.
  • Reduction of salt and soy in products.
  • Increasing the use of domestic raw materials in products (we expanded the use of Estonian raw material in grill products).
  • Smaller package sizes for consumers (new premium line and 150g packages).
  • Reduction of salt and soy in products: a long-term goal that we consider in everyday product development and proceed step by step.
  • Reduction in the use of additives in products (we reduced the use of E120 in recipes).
  • Greater emphasis on research into consumer habits.
  • To complete the labelling adjustments according to EU Regulation No 1169/2011.
  • A new product line for children without any E numbers and a new product line with higher meat content and fewer E numbers.
  • Modernisation of packaging lines (lower material consumption), use of more innovative packaging.