Procurement of meat and other raw materials


Procurement of meat and other raw materials

The Atria brand meat in Finland is always 100 % Finnish meat.

Atria in Finland is 100% committed to Finnish meat. 

All of the pork, beef and poultry sold under the Atria brand is produced on Finnish family farms. Meat procurement is the responsibility of A-Farmers Ltd. In addition to procurement, A-Farmers employs experts to offer help to farms that are looking to develop their production. Such advice may relate to construction, production conditions, and animal breeding, feeding and treatment.

Atria's purchasing organisation is responsible for procuring all other raw materials required for product manufacturing, such as vegetables, spices and packaging materials. Atria only approves suppliers to carry its goods when they have successfully completed Atria's own approval process. Suppliers’ standards with regard to handling product safety, quality and environmental matters are regularly evaluated and suppliers' activities are subject to planned audits.